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Hypnosis isn't what most people think it is.  Many people  have seen a Stage Hypnotist perform and have seen  people doing some pretty strange things for the  entertainment of the audience.  The behaviors that you see  on stage occur partly because the show is for  entertainment purposes and the people who volunteer do  so, knowing that they will have fun experiencing strange  and amusing things. In a clinical setting, Hypnosis does  not generate the same type of physically active responses  that Stage Hypnosis does. This is because the context is  different and the expectation is typically one of relaxation.  "Hypnosis is a state that is created through deliberate  focusing of the imagination, combined with deep physical  relaxation. When done properly it produces a dream like  state where the listener "cycles" through various degrees of internal and external awareness like day dreaming."  Hypnosis for Relaxation, De-stressing and Personal Change uses a "Hypnotic Induction" which involves creating a  deep state of physical relaxation along with "Hypnotic Language" in a easy to listen to tone that allows the conscious  mind to visualize, explore and experience the things the Hypnotist is talking about.  At the same time, direct and/or  indirect suggestions are given to the unconscious mind that can help bring about the changes the listener desires.  Hypnosis is not something the Hypnotist does to  you, it is a state that you create yourself with the  Hypnotists help.  All Hypnosis is therefore Self  Hypnosis.  Because you create the state, you are  the one in full control of the state.  You can end  the Hypnosis session at any time, you are always  aware of things around you including touch.  You  never go unconscious during Hypnosis, however  if the Hypnosis is designed to facilitate sleep then  you can drift from the relaxed hypnotic state  directly into a natural and deeply relaxing sleep.  The more you experience the state of Hypnosis,  the better you will become at creating and  accessing the state!  Most people experience a deeper state of Hypnosis after several sessions.  It is strongly believed that the unconscious mind controls almost everything we do.  The conscious mind has been  shown to be able to keep track of between 5-9 things at once (5 if you are in a weak state and 9 in peak  performance). However, the unconscious mind can keep track of and process millions of bits of information a  second.  Indeed the conscious mind is merely a needle in the haystack, it is the unconscious mind that knows why  we really do the things we do. It uses all of our past memories, experiences and outcomes to drive our behaviors,  habits and phobias. It's number one job is to protect you and keep you safe and in your comfort zone, even if it  means hiding certain information or truths from your conscious awareness.  By providing the unconscious mind with a different views, various options and supplemental behaviors which are  acceptable to you the unconscious mind can learn to make changes that help you in better quality ways while  maintaining it's overall goal of keeping you safe. Of course your unconscious mind also have the ability to  automatically reject any suggestions which are not acceptable to you for any reason. 
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What is Hypnosis?  What is Hypnosis?